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PostPosted: July 19th, 2007, 7:54 am 
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Few rules:

1. Do not send the maps to anyone else.
2. Remember to delete old beta maps, or once testing is complete.
3. This forum room is not for "chit chat", but development purposes of Mega#3.

Why these rules? We do not want to distribute incomplete maps to bunch of people that will likely not delete them from their install folder, and once the map pack is released there is a big chance that their BZ2 install will contain duplicate assets and basically messing up the game.
You have to make sure you don't keep old maps in your BZ2 install, good rule to delete them. This is for your benefit rather than "ours".

Submitting maps, making a post

Your post with the map must have the following topic:

For example, if I were to post a map called "Earth" and it was a beta, then the post title would be: "Mega#3 - Earth - Beta".

Draft = Only an idea, getting feedback if you should continue on this map.
Beta = Nearly final, needs testing to make sure there are no bugs, room for further minor improvements.
Final = Means it's ready for release in the Mega#3 pack.

All posts must include:
- Name of the map
- Short description
- Number of pools, scrap
- Shellmap image of the map
- List of things you might want to improve, list of known bugs etc.
- Link to a downloadable ZIP file containing the map

Map Testing
If you're a map tester, this is required reading.
Being a map tester doesn't mean you get a "free sneak preview" of maps in development. It means you have to systematically review the maps, play the map as it would be played in a full blown game, where players would build a huge base, build GTs in the field, send units such as scavs, turrets, service trucks around from base to base, base to pools, pools to pools. You have to:
- Find build area bugs, tiles that show that they're green should stay green!
- Find path bugs, if scavs or other units get stuck somewhere (on a hill, in a hole) that has to be fixed!
- Water bugs, units should not go into the water!
- Cosmetic bugs, such as textures, trees and other objects not looking right.
- Verify that two teams can play the map, multiplayer testing needed! Coordinate with other testers in here!
- Come with suggestions about improvements, such as "remove this hill", or "decrease number of pools", "increase scrap", "further distance between bases".
- Other common sense honest points, such as "this map is horrible", or "the map is too big", "the hills are bad", "the map has way too many objects and will lag in mp"

Write a short review, make screenshots if neccessery to explain.

There is no deadline currently. But personally I would like to see this project over by christmas 2007, and hopefully that's not too unrealistic. So, we'll have this project running for 3-4 months or so, and then see where we're at.


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